Making a character for HWC is incredibly simple.

  1. Your starting hit points (HP) is 6. Your HP never goes above this amount.
  2. Your starting plot points (PP) is 2. Your PP never goes above this amount.
  3. The abilities a character has are defined with Attributes and Skills. A character has only four Attributes: Courage (measuring fighting prowess), Poise (grace and dexterity), Jets (smarts and savvy) and Moxie (charisma and social skills). Each Attribute has an amount of Skills grouped under it, like Fight under Courage and Dodge under Poise.
  4. Attributes are defined by rolling 4d6, then assigning one to each attribute. Each Skill under your Attribute defaults to that number. E.g. Stephanie rolls a 4 and puts it in Courage. All of the skills associated with Courage (Break Down Door, Fight, Fire Gun, Pick Up Heavy Thing, and Throw) all start at 4, since that is the number her Courage is.
  5. After your initial stats are rolled, you have 30 points to distribute between your various skills and purchasing starting possessions (see 'Possessions'). A skill is increased by 1 for every 1 point spent. The maximum number you can have in a skill is 9.
No seriously, that's it. There is no XP in HWC, so just choose a name, write a brief description of yourself and you're ready!

Right click the link to the right to save your Housewives With Chainsaws character sheet! 


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