"Gentlemen prefer brains..."

Hey gamers. Housewives With Chainsaws is a system light 1950's survival horror tabletop game that was inspired by this Tumblr post. Keeping with the 50's theme, enemies include not only zombies, but aliens and body snatcher motifs. 

The idea was to create a system that anyone, regardless of gaming experience, could pick up and instantly get to playing within five minutes. GMs will also find it incredibly simple to design encounters and monsters for their game, making prep work almost non existent. 

This website contains all the rules you need to play and run Housewives With Chainsaws, as well as a character sheet to download. I hope you enjoy- Jesse

Feel free to check out my homebrew world Seronia for Pathfinder RPG!


8.22.13 Updated Weapon Cache ability. Lowered the maximum number of skill ranks to 9.

8.23.13 Updated the cost of Possessions.

8.24.13 Added a downloadable PDF of the current playtest.

© 2013 All product identity 'Housewives With Chainsaws' and 'Aliens & Aprons' is copyright. Product identity includes language, designs, depictions, likenesses, formats; names and descriptions of characters, attributes, and special abilities; logos, symbols, or graphic designs; and any other trademark or registered trademark clearly identified as product identity. You may download anything on this page for your personal, non-commercial use.  For any other uses, please contact Jesse at hellobobafatt@gmail.com. 'Housewives With Chainsaws' and 'Aliens & Aprons' logos by Jon Pio. Game system and setting by Jesse Brake. 

Playtesting credits: StephanieA, JustinF, AnthonyK, ElizabethL, Zero, SteveH, MaryL, WalterW and KevinCG.


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